Vacation Rental License Information

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More commonly known as short-term rentals, the Town of Crested Butte defines a vacation rental as: (i) the rental or lease of a property for a period of 29 or less consecutive nights or less; or (ii) the rental or lease of no more than two sleeping units within a property for a period of 29 or less consecutive nights where the owner or agent is present during occupancy. Vacation rental use is not a residential use.

The Town of Crested Butte has two vacation rental license options:

  1.     Primary Occupancy License (click for details) 
    • Issued to people who live in, or long term rent their property for a minimum of six months per year 
    • Allowed in all zone districts
    • Exempt from block face concentration limit    
    • Maximum of 90 rental nights allowed per year        
    • No cap on number issued
    • $250 license fee


  1.     Unlimited license (click for details)
    • Allowed only in certain zone districts (R1 R1A, R1C, R1D R1E, R2, R2C, R3C, B3 & B4)
    • Limited to two per block face
    • Unlimited rental nights per year
    • Must rent a minimum of 29 nights per year
    • Capped at 198 licenses        
    • $800 license fee


To better understand the regulations please read this Frequently Asked Questions.

To setup a new vacation rental license account or to check on an existing vacation rental license account visit

If you have additional questions or to voice concerns about vacation rentals in your neighborhood, please contact Eric Treadwell at (970)-349-5338  ext. 218 or .