Utility Billing

The Town of Crested Butte bills in arrears for water, sewer, and trash/recycling. We read water meters on or about the 22nd of each month and send out the billing statement by the 1st of the following month. Payment is due 20 days after the billing date. Past due accounts are charged 3% monthly penalty and late fee.


How is water consumption billed?
The Town of Crested Butte uses a tiered billing structure based on metered water consumption. Every service address receives a base allotment of water consumption that is determined by EQR (Equivalent Residential Use). Water usage at or under the base allotment is billed at a fixed rate. Water usage in excess of the base allotment is billed using a tiered rate structure. 


A property with 1 EQR used 10,000 Gallons total for one billing period. The first 4,000 gallons is included with the water base rate for 1 EQR.

Breakdown of Bill:

Water Base Rate = $46.92

Sewer Base Rate = $60.69

Trash Service = $30.31

Water consumption over base allotment is 6,000 gallons.

Tier 1: 5,000 Gallons: 5 x $5.25 = $26.25

Tier 2: 1,000 Gallons: 1 x $5.85 = $5.85

Total for water usage over base allotment is $32.10.

Total bill = $170.02

What is the base allotment and why did it change?

The base allotment for water consumption has been reduced to 4,000 gallons per EQR to encourage more conservative water usage. An analysis of current usage showed that 72% of users fell below 4,000 gallons monthly usage in the winter (38% in the summer).

What does EQR stand for?

EQR stands for Equivalent Residential Use. EQR is the estimated use of the Town's water and sewer systems by a single-family residence of up to 1,875 square feet. Nonresidential uses and larger residential uses are calculated using the equivalent residential use as a basis. For more information on EQR see Town Code Section 13-1-170. 

Why did rates increase for 2024?
Town Council approved a utility rate increase to support revenue generation for critical improvements to the Town’s waterworks infrastructure. A financial analysis of the Enterprise Fund that provisions the Town’s water and wastewater operations reveled a significant gap in the projected cash flow required to support over $100 million in necessary maintenance and improvements over the next 20 years.