Public Works Department

The Public Works Department is comprised of five divisions:  The Streets Division, The Water DivisionThe Wastewater Division, The Fleet Division, and the Facilities Division.  These Divisions are responsible for the streets and alleys of the Town, the treatment and distribution of potable water, the collection and treatment of wastewater, the procurement and maintenance of the Town automobile fleet, and the repair and maintenance of Town owned property, respectively. 

Public Works Director - Shea Earley  Shea is the fearless leader of of the Public Works Department and administers the Town's Watershed Protection Program.  Shea can be reached at 970-349-5338 or via e-mail at searley@crestedbutte-co.gov

Water System Manager - David Jelinek  David is in charge of the Town's water treatment facility and distribution system.  David can be reached at 970-349-0885.

Wastewater System Manager - Ian Baird  Ian is in charge of the Town's wastewater treatment facility and collection system.  Ian can be reached at 970-349-5530.

Fleet Manager Manager - Kevin McNamara  Kevin is in charge of the Town's fleet.  Kevin can be reached at 970-349-0736 and works out of the Public Works Shop located at 2 N 8th Street. 

Facilities Manager - Jeff Black   Jeff is in charge of the maintenance and repair of Town owned facilities, including municipal buildings and employee housing.  Jeff can be reached at 970-349-5338.

Streets Manager - Jack Greene  Jack is in charge of streets, alleys, and bridges, as well as storm water. Jack can be reached at 970-349-0736.

Town Engineer - Carolyn de Groot Carolyn is the project manager of large infrastructure projects in the Public Works Department. Carolyn can be reached at 970-349-5338.



Public Works Documents:

Public Works Criteria for Design and Construction

Public Works Forms