Yellow Toadflax ("Butter and Eggs")

Town of Crested Butte Noxious Weed Program

 The Town of Crested Butte is in the northern end of the Gunnison Valley and at the headwaters of the Colorado River.  As the “Wildflower Capital of Colorado”, the health of our natural environment is a high priority for residents of Crested Butte.  The spread of noxious weeds can result in monocultures of weeds rather than the rich variety of wild flowers currently found in our valley.  Noxious weeds are jeopardizing our valued ecosystems and displacing native plants.  Noxious weeds spread to our downstream neighbors having a negative impact on agricultural lands and other communities.   An effective integrated weed management plan is a vital step in protecting the local ecosystems that residents and visitors value so highly. The intent of the Noxious Weed Management Plan is to provide guidelines for managing state and locally designated noxious weeds which represent a threat to the environmental and economic value of lands in Crested Butte.  Through education, partnerships, and a sound work plan, this plan should provide a framework for controlling noxious weeds on both public and private property in the Town of Crested Butte.  The Town is grateful for our partners in weed management including Gunnison County, the USFS, the BLM, the Town of Mt. Crested Butte, Crested Butte Land Trust, Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory, and Tom and Donna Walker.
Town of Crested Butte Noxious Weed List
  1. Absinthe Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium)
  2. Black Henbane (Hyoscyamus niger)
  3. Canada Thistle (Cirsium arvense)
  4. Cheatgrass/Downy Brome (Bromus tectorum)
  5. Common Tansy (Tanacetum vulgare)
  6. Cypress Spurge (Euphorbia cyparissias)
  7. Dalmatian Toadflax (Linaria dalmatica)
  8. Dame’s Rocket (Hesperis matronalis)
  9. Diffuse Knapweed (Centaurea diffusa)
  10. Hoary Cress (Lepidium draba)
  11. Houndstongue (Cynoglossum officinale)
  12. Leafy Spurge (Euphorbia esula)
  13. Musk Thistle (Carduus nutans)
  14. Orange Hawkweed (Hieracium aurantiacum)
  15. Oxeye Daisy (Leucanthemum vulgare)
  16. Plumeless Thistle (Carduusa canthoides)
  17. Russian Knapweed (Acroptilon repens)
  18. Scentless Chamomile (Tripleurospermum inodorum​)
  19. Scotch Thistle (Onopordum acanthium)
  20. Spotted Knapweed (Centaurea maculosa)
  21. Yellow Sweet Clover (Melilotus officinalis)
  22. Yellow Toadflax (Linaria vulgaris)

The Crested Butte Noxious Weed Advisory Board has also compiled a Noxious Weed Watch list. These weeds are currently not seen as a problem in Crested Butte but they could be in the future. They may be added to the Town’s Noxious Weed list if they become a problem.  

  • Noxious Weed Watch List
  1. Prickly Lettuce (Lactuca serriola)
  2. Puncturevine (Tribulus terrestris)
  3. Winter Cress (Barbarea vulgaris)
  4. Western Salsify (Tragopogan dubius)