Real Estate Transfer Tax

A 3% land transfer excise tax is imposed on the sale of all real property within the Town limits of Crested Butte.  Half of this tax goes to the preservation of open space outside the Town limits of 1991.  The other half goes into the Town’s General Capital Fund.


Land Transfer Excise Tax


Exemptions to Transfer Tax


Application for Exemption


Vacation Rental Excise Tax

On November 2, 2021, the voters of the Town of Crested Butte passed Ballot Initiative 2D.  This initiative institutes a 7.5% Excise Tax on all Vacation Rental/Short Term Rentals beginning January 1, 2022.  The 7.5% Excise Tax is specifically for the Affordable Housing Fund.  It may not be used for general operations of the Town of Crested Butte.

The 7.5% Excise Tax will need to be collected and remitted on all Vacation Rentals culminating on or after January 1, 2022 and is in addition to the current 4.5% Town of Crested Butte sales tax on Vacation/Short Term rentals.  The total tax to be collected on all Vacation/Short Term Rentals is 20.9%, broken down as follows:

                                 State sales tax                                                     2.9%

                                Gunnison County sales tax                                     1.0%

                                 RTA sales tax                                                       1.0%

                                 Local Marketing District sales tax                           4.0%

                                 Town of Crested Butte sales tax                             4.5%

                                 Town of Crested Butte excise tax                           7.5%

                                                 Total Tax                                           20.9%

There is no change in how to remit the tax to the Town.  The Town of Crested Butte taxes, 4.5% sales tax & 7.5% excise tax, are to be remitted directly to the Town through the current online MUNIRevs system.  There will be an additional section on the MUNIRevs sales tax form for the 7.5% excise tax.  The remainder of the taxes are to be remitted to the State of Colorado.  


Sale of Business Tax


The Town of Crested Butte imposes a 4.5% sales tax on the personal property of a business at the time of sale of the business.  This is in accordance with Colorado Department of Revenue rules.  The sales tax is due on the 20th of the month following the month of sale.  This applies to the sales of all businesses even if they are just a service business and do not collect sales tax on a normal basis.


Reporting Form for Sale of Business Assets 


Use Tax

A 4.5% use tax is imposed on the use, storage or consumption of construction or building materials and motor vehicles which are purchased outside the Town.  The use of the funds is 60% for General Capital and 40% General Fund.


Building/Construction Materials:  A deposit is collected at the time a building permit is issued.  Once the project is complete, a reconciliation is done between the construction receipts and the deposit resulting in a refund of deposit or additional tax due.


Motor Vehicle:  The tax is collected at the time the vehicle is registered with the Gunnison County Clerk, Motor Vehicles.


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Property Tax


The Town of Crested Butte imposes a mill levy on all taxable property within the Town of Crested Butte.  There is one mill levy specifically for the Street and Alley Fund and one for general operations of the Town.  The tax is assessed and collected by the Gunnison County Treasurer.  Levies for 2016 taxes are 8.000 mills for Street and Alley, 2.740 mills for General operations.  The mill levies are set annually during the budget process.