Winter at Big Mine Park
Summer Event at Big Mine

Big Mine Park Master Plan

The Town of Crested Butte received funding from Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) for the creation of the Big Mine Park Master Plan with a final reporting and completion date no later than June, 19, 2016. The Town’s successful grant application is available below.

Big Mine Park is a regional recreation facility in the heart of historic Crested Butte that is in need of comprehensive site planning and design. The Big Mine Park Master Plan will provide direction for the Town of Crested Butte to develop 5.49 acres of raw and existing developed land and redevelop existing amenities in need of renovation such as the Big Mine Ice Arena, Skate Park and Nordic Center.

The planning process is underway! The project calendar, phases and team are online and will be updated throughout the process. The Big Mine Park Master Plan event on our Facebook page will be updated frequently as well. Join us in creating a great plan for the future!

The Plan will include an examination and evaluation of current recreation programs and identification of opportunities and deficiencies for future programs and services. The two main objectives of the Big Mine Park Master plan are to 1) a priority list for capital improvements at Big Mine Park based on public input and 2) design documents for those improvements.

A completed Master Plan will help the community be shovel-ready to complete a finished park that will benefit residents of and visitors to Crested Butte and the Upper East River Valley.


As stated above, the primary goal of this contract is to develop an integrated and prioritized Master Plan that incorporates designs, strategies, and recommendations for the following summer and winter uses and user groups located at the Big Mine Park. The Plan should address facility and program industry standards with an emphasis placed on risk management:

1. Active and Passive Park Area
2. Disc Golf
3. Historical Significance
4. Ice Hockey/Other Winter Rink Use
5. Nordic Skiing
6. Skateboarding and other skatepark uses
7. Sledding
8. Special Events
9. Trail Use
10. Youth Programs