Resolutions 2021

Resolution No. 1, Series 2021 Designating the Three Official Posting Places
Resolution No. 2, Series 2021 Approving Service Agreement with Colorado State Forest Service for Community Forestry Assistance
Resolution_No._3_Series_2021.pdf Authorizing DOLA and Mineral Impact Program Grant-Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements
Resolution No. 4, Series_2021 Adopting Policy Regarding Participation on Boards and Committees
Resolution No. 6, Series 2021 Approving the Intergovernmental Agreement regarding undesirable plant management
Resolution No. 7, Series 2021 Approving Lease Agreement Big Mine Warming House
Resolution No. 9, Series 2021 Terminating declaration of local disaster
Resolution No. 11, Series 2021 declaring disaster emergency housing
Resolution No. 12, Series 2021 Approving budget for affordable housing
Resolution No. 13, Series 2021 Purchase of 624 Gothic Avenue
Resolution No. 14, Series 2021 Approving fee schedule for parking fines
Resolution No. 15, Series 2021 Election IGA and adopting Title 1
Resolution No. 16, Series 2021 Service agreement with Gunnison Valley Regional Housing Authority 624 gothic Ave.
Resolution No. 17, Series 2021 DOLA Grant Sunshine Park Solar Array
Resolution No. 18, Series 2021 Setting two ballot questions regarding affordable housing tax and debt
Resolution No. 19, Series 2021 Commitment to climate action
Resolution_No._20,_Series_2021 Authorizing the town Manager to sign a contract with the Crested Butte Land Trust for the purchase of property and sale of a conservation easement for Kikel lot 3
Resolution No. 21, Series 2021 Approving an amendment to the telecommunications facilities lease with Visionary Communications, Inc.
Resolution No. 22, Series 2021 Approving the contract for use of the Big Mine Ice Arena by Gunnison Valley Hockey Association for the winter season
Resolution No. 23, Series 2021 Authorizing the Town Manager to sign documents in connection with the Colorado opioids settlement
Resolution No. 24, Series 2021 Adopting the budget and appropriating sums of money for the Town of Crested Butte
Resolution No. 25, Series 2021 Adopting certain fees and charges for 2022
Resolution No. 26, Series 2021 Adopting the mill levy for 2022
Resolution No. 27, Series 2021 Adopting changes and additions to the 2021 budget & Appropriations
Resolution No. 28, Series 2021 Adopting the Town Council Handbook