Phase 4

Big Mine Park Master Plan

4.A. Draft Master Plan
Brief Summary Report documenting process, outcomes, program, standards and criteria, alternatives, final master plan, costing and implementation strategy;
Supporting Graphics and Sketches.

4.B. Implementation Strategy
Phased plan for the development with priorities for improvements, responsibilities and timeline.

4.C. Town of Crested Butte Review

4.D. Revisions and Refinement

4.E. Final Master Plan Document

Final Report with supporting text, graphics, and sketches;
Three copies—two bound and one unbound and disc with all digital files.

Deliverables: brief narrative summary of process, program, standards, concepts, preferred alternative, presentation materials, meeting notes with summary of all participation, plan graphics for full park master plan, structure floor plan/elevations, character sketches; costing, and implementation strategy.