Dog Licensing

All dogs residing in the Town of Crested Butte must be licensed. Dog licenses are available at Town Hall and must be renewed by January 1 of every year. You must provide proof of current rabies vaccination when licensing your dog.

Spayed or Neutered $10.00
Not Spayed or Neutered $20.00

Leash Law: Dogs must be leashed when on public property and must be accompanied at all times.  You cannot leave your dog tied up and unattended on public property.

Please Clean Up after Fido:  Town Code stipulates that you must pick up your dog's doo-doo. Please do not leave it around to stink up the Town. Dog bags are provided throughout town for your convenience.

Crested Butte Dog Rules & Regulations
Map of the Town of Crested Butte Leash-Free Zones.