Ordinances 2021

Ordinance No. 1 Series 2021 Authorizing Lease Agreement 508 Maroon Ave.
Ordinance No. 2 Series 2021 Approving Lease 308 3rd Street Unit K to Artists of Crested Butte
Ordinance No. 3, Series 2021 Approving the Academy Place Planned Unit Development
Ordinance No. 4 Series 2021 Approving Lease Unit A 601 Elk Ave. to West Elk Soccer Association
Ordinance No. 5 Series 2021 Adopting the 2018 International Fuel Gas Code
Ordinance No. 6 Series 2021 Amending Code Designated Loading Zones
Ordinance No. 7 Series 2021 Amending Code Speed and Special Hazards
Ordinance No. 9, Series 2021 Updating parking regulations
Ordinance No. 10, Series 2021 Potable Water Agreement Lot 5 Trappers Crossing South
Ordinance No. 11, Series 2021 Increasing number of licenses for food carts
Ordinance No. 12, Series 2021 Vacation rental moratorium
Ordinance No. 13, Series 2021 Defining employee dwelling
Ordinance No. 14, Series 2021 Approving the Lease of 19 9th St
Ordinance No. 15, Series 2021 Authorizing the Town to enter into a telecommunications facilities space lease agreement with Visionary Communications
Ordinance_No._16_Series_2021 Imposing a moratorium on accepting applications for reviewing, approving, or issuing permits for certain accessory buildings for twelve months
Ordinance No. 17, Series 2021 approving a $200 monthly pay increase for council members and $300 monthly pay increase for mayor
Ordinance No. 19, Series 2021 Amending section 13-1-120 of the Code to increase the minimum monthly service charge per meter for water used at a "base rate"
Ordinance No. 20, Series 2021 Amending chapter 4 of the Municipal Code to add Article 11
Ordinance No. 21, Series 2021 Modifying a land use definition of congregate housing and allowing it as a conditional use within the tourist zone district
Ordinance No. 22, Series 2021 Modifying a land use provision in the R4 zone regarding roof pitch of multifamily dwellings
Ordinance No. 23, Series 2021 Authorizing the rezoning of Block 80, Lot 2, Paradise Park Subdivision