Project Overview

Final master plan is available to review online.
The park master plan is an opportunity to help the Town of Crested Butte with the parks and recreation services in a proactive approach to develop a sustainable recreation system.

The Town of Crested Butte desires to position and prepare itself for the future through the development of a Parks and Recreation Master Plan. The Town wishes the Master Plan to be concise, user-friendly and visionary in regards to the social, economic and environmental health of the community.

Working in partnership with PROS consulting, the Town and community stakeholders will develop a vision for Crested Butte parks and recreation programs and facilities, as well as open space and trails linkages to adjacent public land and communities.

There are many important considerations for a new Master Plan. First of all, the plan must respect the unique culture and legacy of Crested Butte’s parks and recreation system. The development of priorities needs to be founded on rational data in support of the greater good of Crested Butte. Public input also includes extensive and innovative public participation process in a variety of formats, including open houses, focus groups, and key leader meetings. A final and most important consideration is the importance of the consultant team to carefully listen to community leaders, staff, stake holders, and the community at large to accurately reflect the values of Crested Butte.

Two-thirds of the funding for the Parks and Recreation master plan project is provided by a grant from Great Outdoors Colorado.