Crested Butte Municipal Court

The Crested Butte Municipal Court is generally held every first Wednesday of the month.  Court is located at Town Hall (507 Marron Ave.) in the Council Room and begins at 10:00 AM.

2024 Court Schedule:

January 3rd  April 3rd July 3rd October 2nd
February 7th May 1st August 7th November 6th
March 6th June 5th September 4th December 4th


Court Appearance:

A summons to court requires you appear in court on the designated court date. If you cannot appear in court on the designated court date, please contact the Municipal Court Clerk at 970-349-5338 ext. 123. If you live out of the area and cannot attend in person you must request, in writing (an email will suffice), to attend via Zoom.

You may contest any citation, other than a summons, in Crested Butte Municipal Court. To contest a citation you should appear in court on the date noted on your ticket.

Court Forms

Information on Deferred Sentencing

Advisement of Legal Rights

Payment of Fines:

Please make sure you are you are paying the right municipality before sending payment or paying online.

Parking tickets, traffic violations and fines imposed by the Court may be paid in person at Crested Butte Town Hall.  Checks or Money Orders made out to the Town of Crested Butte may be mailed to:

Town of Crested Butte
Attn: Court Clerk
PO Box 39
Crested Butte, CO 81224

To pay online please click here

Failure to Appear: 

if you are summonsed to court and fail to appear on your designated court date, the court will likely issue a bench warrant for your arrest.



Public Access:

The Town of Crested Butte Municipal Court is open to the public in person or online. 

Please click the link below to join the webinar:

The recording of Court proceedings is strictly prohibited. Any unauthorized recording will be subject to fines and/or other penalties for contempt of court. 


Legal Advice Disclaimer:

Court clerks and staff are NOT attorneys; they cannot give you legal advice.  If you have questions about your best course of action, what plea to enter, your rights, or the consequences of a conviction of the offense for which you are charged, you should contact an attorney. The clerk of court does not have the authority to dismiss citations.

Additional Resources

Town of Crested Butte Marshal's Office

Home Rule Charter and Code of the Town of Crested Butte

Colorado Revised Statutes

Model Traffic Code for Colorado