Getting Around Crested Butte!

There are lots of options to get around Crested Butte, and you can easily do it without a car! Our awesome transit systems can get you not only around town, but to Mt. Crested Butte, CB South, Gunnison, and even Denver! Crested Butte is just about one-square mile, so almost anywhere you go is walking or biking distance! Did you bring your electric vehicle? There is public charging for that, too. Read more about how to get around Crested Butte below!

In Town Transportation

Mountain Express is our in-town and inter-mountain transit for getting you around Crested Butte and up to Mt. Crested Butte! The iconic, painted buses come every 15 minutes to several stops around town, and the bus heads right up to the base area of Mt. Crested Butte! Find their most up to date schedule and routes on the Mountain Express website! Schedules vary seasonally. 

Regional Transportation

The Gunnison Valley RTA (regional transit authority) buses can take you from Mt. Crested Butte all the way to Denver, if you need! Many locals use their comfortable, coach buses as their main commuting method to get up and down the valley from Gunnison to Mt. Crested Butte. Visit the Gunnison RTA website for the most up to date bus schedules! Schedules vary seasonally. 

Electric Vehicles & Charging

You can find our list of EV chargers and a map of all publicly available EV charging stations within the Town of Crested Butte on our Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Public Charging page! Mt. Crested Butte has additional charging stations once you reach the mountain. See GCEA's most current charging rate for all public EV charging stations here!