Resolution No. 01, Series 2024 Designating the Town's Three Official Public Places for Postings
Resolution No. 02, Series 2024 Adopting the Mill Levy for the Fiscal Year 2024
Resolution No. 03, Series 2024 Adopting the Town Council Rules of Procedure
Resolution No. 04, Series 2024 Authorizing the Town to Apply for a Grant for Town Hall Renovations
Resolution No. 05, Series 2024 Adopting a Supplemental Electronic Records Retention Policy
Resolution No. 06, Series 2024 Supporting a Grant Application for Affordable Housing Water Infrastructure Project
Resolution No. 07, Series 2024 Amending the Affordable Housing Fund Budget
Resolution No. 08, Series 2024 Authorizing the Mayor or Mayor Pro Tem to Execute Documents Related to Mineral Point
Resolution No. 09, Series 2024 Correcting an Error in the Cancellation of the November 7, 2023 Election
Resolution No. 10, Series 2024 Authorizing All the Town Manager to Execute All Documents Related to the Purchase of 822 Gothic Ave., #2A