Vacation Rental regulations Update

On November 21, 2022, Town Council adopted ordinance 21-2022 updating the Town's vacation rental regulations


About the process:

The Town of Crested Butte is updating its vacation rental regulations and we encourage you to participate to help develop a successful ordinance.  

The vacation rental regulations will intentionally follow the draft Community Compass five-step decision making framework, outlined below, to test the framework by updating the regulations in a way that's aligned with the community's values. To learn more about the Community Compass, please visit the Compass website HERE.


Step 1: Define the problem and goal statement. 

What problem are we trying to solve? What are our goals and objectives for solving this problem?


Refined Problem Statement: Vacation rentals have been regulated in Crested Butte since 2017. In 2021, the Town Council placed a moratorium on issuing new licenses. To end the moratorium, Town Council has directed staff to evaluate and recommend improvements to the current regulations.


Draft Goal Statement: To come out of the moratorium, the Town is re-examining the vacation rental regulations under the framework of the Community Compass to determine how the regulations align with the community’s values, regarding:

  1. The economic benefits and fiscal impacts of vacation rentals. 

  2. The role vacation rentals play in the Town’s existing housing stock and its ability to meet the needs of the community.

  3. Community and neighborhood compatibility of this licensed use.




Step 2: Outline a community engagement strategy.

How can the community participate in this process? 

Community meetings and opportunities for engagement are shown on the right. The community engagement strategy includes community meetings, stakeholder focus groups, and broad outreach through direct comments via email, phone, or meetings with Town Staff.

If you can't attend the meetings, they will all be recorded and posted here. Additionally, feedback is always welcome to be sent to Town Staff at or by calling 970-349-5338. 


Step 3: Identify success measures.

What does a successful ordinance look like?

At the first community meeting on August 24, 2022, the community will learn more about the objectives that stem from the problem statement, discuss how these regulations can relate to the community's values, and collaboratively work to filter our community's values through the objectives to identify success measures for the new ordinance. 

Based on the first community meeting, focus group meetings, and feedback received to date, the following DRAFT success measures were refined. These drafts will continue to be discussed and refined through Community Meeting #2, the feedback survey, and the October 3rd Town Council Work Session.




Version 2 DRAFT Success Measures:

1. Acknowledge the economic benefits and fiscal impacts provided by vacation rentals by:  

  • Demonstrating fiscal responsibility with the general fund and sales tax revenues. 

  • Acknowledging the economic multipliers vacation rentals create.

  • Ensuring visitors have the opportunity for authentic experiences. 


2. Improve the housing stock’s ability to serve the needs of the community by:

  • Growing full-time occupancy opportunities and reducing the jobs to housing ratio.

  • Improving housing stability.

  • Supporting the Town’s affordable housing goals through excise tax collections. 






3. Improve community and neighborhood compatibility by: 

  • Balancing concentration of vacation rental licenses within neighborhoods. 

  • Ensuring license holder accountability. 

  • Improving the Town's vacation rental license nuisance procedures and enforcement. 





Step 4: Develop alternatives and filter through the success measures.

What are different options for vacation rental regulations? 

At the second community meeting on September 13, Town Staff presented different alternatives for vacation rental regulations and solicited feedback from the community. We will be taking feedback regarding the draft alternatives until Sunday, September 25. Town Staff will utilize the survey feedback to further refine the alternatives for a Town Council work session on October 3. We encourage you to watch the September 13 meeting recording and view the draft alternatives matrix prior to filling out the feedback survey. All of the materials can be found directly below. 


View the September 13th meeting recording HERE

To take the feedback survey, please click HERE.



Step 5: Make decisions with an informed consent model. 

On November 21, 2022 Town Council adopted a new vacation rental ordinance. 

In adopting the new ordinance, Town Council used the informed consent model of decision making by asking (1) did the community have an opportunity to be aware of this issue?, (2) did the community have an opportunity to participate in finding a solution?, and (3) did the community have an opportunity for their feedback to be heard?

Click here to view the staff report and draft ordinance for the November 7 Town Council meeting. 


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For questions or to share feedback or ideas, please email or call Nick Catmur, Planner I or Mel Yemma, Long-Range Planner III at 970-349-5338.


Document Library:

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