Transportation Mobility Plan

The Town of Crested Butte is developing a 2023 Transportation Mobility Plan (TMP) to identify ways to support the Community Compass goal of de-emphasizing cars and focusing on walking, biking, rolling, and transit.


Together as a community, we are embarking on a process of understanding Crested Butte’s existing mobility conditions, working through challenges and identifying opportunities, and drafting and refining a plan to document a roadmap for Crested Butte to achieve its mobility goals. This plan is being created in three phases:


(COMPLETE) Phase One – Understanding Crested Butte’s Existing Mobility Conditions: Phase One focused on learning about the Town of Crested Butte’s existing mobility conditions, while additionally learning from national experts on best practices for transportation planning through a webinar series. View the Phase One Summary Report here to learn more, and check out the resource library on the right to watch the webinars.


(COMPLETE) Phase Two – Identifying Our Biggest Challenges & Opportunities: Phase two focused on determining what are Crested Butte’s biggest mobility challenges and our opportunities to address them? Through an open house, workshop series, and broad community engagement, we combined what we learned in Phase One with the challenges and opportunities of Phase Two and created measures of success and alternative solutions to consider. Resources from the open house can additionally be found in the resource library on the right. View the Phase Two Summary Report here. View the draft success measures and alternatives here.


(COMPLETE) Phase Three – Drafting the Plan: In the final phase, the draft roadmap came together by synthesizing recommended infrastructure improvements, policy considerations, investment opportunities, and potential programs to help Crested Butte meet its transportation goals. We utilized several Town Council work sessions, community feedback, and an advisory committee to develop and refine the plan to ensure the final plan is supported by the Crested Butte community.

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