Document Requests

The Town of Crested Butte is committed to providing the public with convenient access to information about the Town’s operations and to the Town’s public documents.  A wide variety of commonly requested documents are provided on this website.  For example, click on the “Town Council” title bar above to view recent agendas, e-packet materials, minutes, resolutions and ordinances.     

The Town Clerk is the official custodian of the Town’s public records and is responsible for responding to public records requests according to the requirements of the Colorado Open Records Act.  To request a public record, a Record/ Document Request Form must be submitted via email to  If the cost estimate of the requested records exceeds $50 then a $50 deposit is required at the time of the records request.  After a Record/Document Request Form is submitted and any applicable deposit is received, the Town has up to three (3) working days to satisfy the records request. This time may be extended by seven (7) working days for extenuating circumstances (i.e. to access records in storage).  Please note that the more specific the records request the better.  The cost for records requests are .25 per page in addition to research time in excess of 30 minutes (charged at $20 per hour for Town Staff research and $110 per hour for Town Attorney research).    

Please note that even though most Town records are public records, many are not retained forever.  The Town of Crested Butte has adopted the Colorado Municipal Records Retention Schedule which dictates the length of time that records are required to be retained.  

For questions regarding records please contact Town Clerk Lynelle Stanford at 970-349-5338 or