2022 Council Goals & Priorities and Council Values


 Council Goals & Priorities


Town Council Five Year Goals to complete by 2023

  • Increase percentage of residents living in Town by achieving 75% housing full-time occupancy
  • 30% of units in Town are deed restricted, including 15 rental units for Town employees
  • Permanent removal of mining claims by Mt. Emmons Mining Company on Red Lady
  • Maintain at least one hundred percent operating reserves in Town’s funds
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions footprint of Town’s operations by 50% versus 2017 levels; and, reduce Town of Crested Butte community emissions footprint by 25%
  • Implement traffic and parking plan and consider seasonal Elk Ave reconfiguration
  • Complete modified recommended capital projects in Parks & Recreation master plan
  • Upgrade Marshal Office facilities


2022 Goals / Priorities

  • Complete the Crested Butte Community Compass
  • Initiate North Valley Solutions Partnership
  • Break Ground on Final Phase of Paradise Park and Phase 1 of Sixth and Butte Affordable Housing Projects
  • Implement Housing Policies and Regulations
    • Implement GoodDeed Purchase Program
    • Continue GreenDeed Program
    • Study Vacation Rental Regulations and Update as needed
    • Study Resident Occupied Affordable Housing (ROAH) Regulations & Fees and Update as needed
    • Study Accessory Structure and Dwelling Unit Regulations and Update as needed
    • Create or Improve Affordable Housing Development Incentives
  • Develop and Implement Town-Wide Traffic Calming Program
  • Adopt the ICC’s 2021 Family of Building Codes
  • Continue Climate Action Plan Implementation
    • Integrate CAP into 2021 Building Code Update, Housing Policies and Regulations, Paradise Park, and Sixth and Butte
    • Develop EV Charging Codes and Requirements for New Development and Incentivize for Existing Developments
    • Update Renewable Energy Mitigation Program (REMP) Requirements & Fees
    • Continue Town Fleet Conversion
    • Develop Zero Waste Incentive for Special Events
  • Join Community Rating System (CRS) to Reduce Resident Flood Insurance Costs
  • Complete Engineering and Prepare for Construction on the Lake Irwin Infrastructure and WWTP Improvements
  • Develop Streets Asset Management Program and Continue Implementing the Streets Maintenance Program
  • Mt Emmons – Continue to Work Toward Elimination of Mining Claims and Possibility of Mining
  • Construct the Rec Path Bridge Park and ADA River Access
  • Formalize Cemetery Committee and Define Department Roles and Responsibilities Regarding the Cemetery
  • Fully implement new Enterprise Resource Planning system and update Town’s financial plan & policies document


Council Values

Crested Butte is a small mountain town with a big community that strives toward a balanced and sustainable lifestyle while enjoying and protecting the soul of the Valley.

Town Council Values

  • Support Crested Butte’s quality of life
  • Promote resource efficiency and environmental stewardship                                                       
  • Encourage a sustainable and healthy business climate
  • Maintain an authentic and unique community
  • Remain fiscally responsible
  • Continue thoughtful management of our historic character
  • Seek collaborative solutions to regional and local issues


Critical to our success is an engaged community and knowledgeable and experienced staff.