Marshal's Department

The Crested Butte Marshal's Office is the primary law enforcement agency for the Town of Crested Butte. Depending on the jurisdiction, the term Marshal can denote any number of law enforcing duties. In our case, we are sworn Colorado Peace Officers with the same duties and responsibilities as the typical "Police Department." Around ten agencies in Colorado have kept the moniker of Marshal where, going back to Colorado’s statehood, smaller towns had marshal's offices and larger cities had police departments. We kind of like the marshal title but sometimes it does get confusing when calling outside agencies who may not be familiar with the term as denoting a local police department.

The Crested Butte Marshal's Office is headed by the Chief Marshal. His executive officer is the Deputy Chief Marshal. The officers who work under the Chief and Deputy Chief are Deputy Marshals.

Jurisdiction:  The Crested Butte Marshal's Department has primary jurisdiction (responsibility) for the Home Rule Town of Crested Butte. The Marshal's Office has also entered into agreements with surrounding jurisdictions to support them through Mutual Aid Agreements. All Peace Officers with the Marshal's Office are also sworn Deputies of the Gunnison County Sheriff's Office. In essence, the Marshal's Office takes primary responsibility for law enforcement in Crested Butte and assists other surrounding jurisdictions when called upon to do so. Vice versa, surrounding agencies provide support to the Marshal's Office when needed and may perform enforcement in the Town of Crested Butte through Mutual Aid Agreements and their sheriff’s commissions.

Mission: In partnership with our community, providing an exemplary level of peacekeeping.
Vision: Aspiring to be a trusted and valued partner, known for our innovation, accountability, and commitment to justice.
Values: Serving with humility, integrity and accountable professionalism while keeping the peace without prejudice or bias.
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