Xavier Fane & Crested Butte Events

Facility Rental Information

There is no better place to hold a family picnic, or a birthday barbecue than in one of our fine park facilities. With great weather and better views all summer long, renting a park pavilion is the right choice for your next get-together. Not blessed with a summer birthday? Don’t fret! Rent Jerry’s Gym and the Community Room in Town Hall. This combination is perfect for cake, presents, and play. 

Getting hitched? Congratulations! Crested Butte's park facilities are perfect for rehearsal dinners, ceremonies, receptions and Sunday brunches. Big Mine Ice Arena can accommodate events of up to 500 people. The Event Area at Town Ranch and Big Mine Open Space are large enough to accommodate events of over 200 people.


Facilities available for reservations:

Town Hall: Community Room, Jerry's Gym, Fitness Room

The Historic Train Depot

Pavilions available for reservations:

Rainbow Pavilion

Athletic Fields available for reservations:

Rainbow Field

Old Town Soccer Field

Pitsker Field

Gothic Field

Tommy V Field

Wedding Venues available for reservations:

Town Ranch Event Area

Big Mine Park