Wipes Clog Pipes

Did you know that wipes rags and towelettes that are flushed down the toilet lead to clogged pipes, sewer backups and expensive repairs?

  • Wipes and rags can create dams that collect other solids in the sewer system pipes.  These dams can eventually get big enough to cause a back up of wastewater in the pipes causing overflows into homes, businesses and streets.
  • Wipes, rags, plastics and latex also clog pumps used to move wastewater from low points in the sewer system back up to gravity flowing sewer pipes.  Clogs in pumps cause excessive wear and tear on the pumps shortening the life of a pump requiring early replacement. 
  • Wastewater treatment is a microbiological process.  Wipes, rags, plastics and latex do not breakdown in this process.  A machine at the front of the wastewater plant removes most of these large items and deposits them into a dumpster that goes to the landfill.  Wipes, rags, plastics and latex that make it past the machine interfere with the safe effective operation of pumps, pipes and other machinery used in the treatment process.   When these objects obstruct pipes, pumps and machinery they must be removed manually.  Obstructions in these devices can result in damage requiring costly repairs and early replacement of damaged equipment.


Expensive repairs in the sewer system and the wastewater treatment plant result in increased costs to YOU the rate payer through increased sewer rates. 

Remember before you flush something down any drain