Community Housing

The Town has been working to provide the Town’s local workforce with affordable housing options since 1989. The Town currently has 305 deed restricted units, accounting for 25% of the Town’s housing stock being deed restricted for local residents. The Town adopted updated Affordable Housing Guidelines in 2016 to govern future affordable housing projects. The Town has created a wide variety of housing options including rentals and home ownership units dispersed throughout the town. These units fit in with the Town’s historic built environment and architectural vernacular.

Housing Resources:

Below are resources for those seeking rental housing. 

Affordable Housing Programs and Funding Sources:

    • Good Deed Program: The Good Deed Program pays property owners to place a permanent deed restriction on their property that restricts occupancy to local employees.
    • Green deed program: Launched in 2021, Green Deed will cover the assessment costs and energy efficiency upgrades for +/- 18 deed restricted homes in the Town of Crested Butte, on a first-come, fist served basis. This program is administered by the Town's housing partner, the Gunnison Valley Regional Housing Authority
    • GVHeat: Gunnison County's Energy Smart Program
    • Affordable/Workforce housing Vacation Rental Use Tax: The town collects a 7.5% tax on all vacation rental stays, this money directly funds affordable housing projects 
    • Discounted tap fee program: The town will fund 2/3 of the cost of water and sewer tap fees for any deed restricted unit (for sale or rental) this includes the construction of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)
    • The Resident Occupied Affordable Housing (ROAH) policy: Requires developers/builders to address the workforce housing demand that is generated by certain new residential, nonresidential, and lodging development.  There are multiple methods by which the requirements can be met, including but not limited to building requisite deed restricted units within a new development, deed restricting an existing unit, or paying a cash in lieu fee
    • Town of Crested Butte Affordable Housing Fund: Do you love the Crested Butte community and want to support workforce housing initiatives that help local workers live and work here?  Your 501(c)(3) tax-deductible donation to the Town of CB’s Affordable Housing Fund will support various community housing initiatives administered by the Town of CB

Studies and Analysis

Existing Housing Developments:

    • Existing Development Map
    • Ruby Workforce Housing: In 2021, the Town purchased a 3,300 square foot, six bedroom bed and breakfast to help house seasonal workers with priority given to Town employees. The Ruby is a six room communal living building. Rent is $500-750/month and the lease terms vary based on the time of year. The kitchen and living room are shared spaces and each tenant has their own bedroom and bathroom.
    • Anthracite Place: This 30 unit rental property was developed in 2018 and provides incomes restricted affordable housing opportunities. Please contact the Gunnison Valley Regional Housing Authority for rental information (970)-641-7900
    • Paradise Park: Over 30 new units were built in Paradise Park in the past few years and are now owned by or being rented to local employees and residents. The Town is currently planning ahead to build out the remaining lots in 2022-2023. This is anticipated to provide up to 18 additional affordable housing units. 
    • Poverty Gulch
    • Accessory  Dwelling Units (ADU): Town will pay 2/3 of the tap fees for projects that include the construction of an ADU. All newly built or converted ADUs must be deed restricted as long-term rentals
    • Good Deed Units