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Welcome to the Town of Crested Butte's Community Compass Navigation page. Learn more about the Community Compass and how to participate in plan and policy development to shape Crested Butte’s future.

In 2022, the Crested Butte Town Council adopted the Town of Crested Butte’s comprehensive plan, The Community Compass. The Community Compass is more than a decision-making framework. It is a contract between the Town and its residents to ensure decisions are made in consultation with the community. Maintaining and strengthening the hard-earned trust established by Compass cannot be taken for granted.

The values of Compass map a future that is authentic, connected, accountable, and bold. Navigating our community to reflect this vision will not happen on its own. In fact, inaction is the greatest risk to this place we love. Tradeoffs will be inherent as we implement the priorities set forth in Compass, and the required planning and policy work will surely test our core values.

The Town is actively implementing the Community Compass five-year strategic plan through four major planning efforts. Each of these efforts build on the foundation of the Community Compass and will ultimately lead toward a comprehensive update of the Town’s Zoning Code, the Town’s Building Codes, the Town’s Design Standards and Guidelines, and create frameworks for the Town’s new Housing and Community Resilience Strategies. 

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