Community Development Department

The Community Development Department facilitates the promotion, planning, and regulatory framework for the preservation and enhancement of the Crested Butte community and the places in Town where people want to live, work, and play.


Planning Department

Long-Range Planning Division


Current Planning Division


Building Department (safety and inspection)


Community Housing Department

    • Facilitates the planning, programming, and development of affordable and deed restricted housing
    • Manages the affordable and deed restricted housing policies and programs
    • Manages enforcement of deed restrictions
    • Coordinates regional housing initiatives with regional partners 
    • Grant writing and reporting


GIS Department

    • Maps, analyzes, and displays geographically referenced information such as parcels, roads, utility networks, transportation routes, census data, land use area, hazard areas and natural features (Click here to view planning documents and maps)
    • Supports all Town departments as well as provides information to other government agencies, consultants, surveyors, engineers, local businesses, and the public