2030 Climate Action Plan

The Town of Crested Butte is embarking on the development of its 2030 Climate Action Plan (CAP)! Town staff have partnered with Brendle Group to help inform us how far we've come with greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions since the 2019 CAP and guide us in setting new climate goals for 2030. Keep an eye on this page for participation opportunities and plan updates.

Current Progress:

The 2030 Climate Action Plan is just getting started! We've introduced the 2030 Climate Action planning process to the community and are hard at work on the greenhouse gas emissions inventory. Stay up-to-date on this plan's progress by visiting this page or subscribing to our community engagement emails on our Get Involved page!

Public Engagement Opportunities

Please note that staff are still developing some public outreach events for the 2030 Climate Action Plan! Stay tuned!

  • June 17 2024: Integrated Council Work Session. Please see the Town Council agenda the week prior to this meeting for the schedule.
  • June 28 & June 29: 2024 Western Slope Climate Summit! Mark your calendars for this 2 day public engagement opportunity! The Gunnison Valley Climate Crisis Coalition (GVC3) is partnering with the Towns of Mt. Crested Butte and Crested Butte to host a 2024 Western Slope Climate Summit! June 28th will include a climate speaker and/or panel, an open public forum for climate action, and a happy hour! On June 29th, join us again for a climate hike in the Mt. Crested Butte area that will include a walking presentation on climate change and mountain communities! More details to be announced. These events are made possible by the Mt. Crested Butte Admissions Tax Grant program!

Past Events

  • (PAST) January 18 2024: 2030 Climate Action Plan Launch

  • (PAST) February 5 2024: Council work session introducing the Climate Action Plan and Brendle Group. Please view our town council agenda page to confirm the start time of the work session. Please note that Council work sessions do not include a public comment period. You may provide public comment on any topic during the regularly scheduled Town Council meetings. 
  • (PAST) February 15 2024: Climate Action Plan Committee (CAPC) Meeting # 1. See our "Climate Action Plan Committee Meetings" section below!
  • (PAST) April 25 2024: Climate Action Plan Committee (CAPC) Meeting # 1. See our "Climate Action Plan Committee Meetings" section below!
Powerpoint Presentation: 2030 Climate Action Plan Launch Click here to access a copy of the 2030 CAP launch webinar powerpoint presentation

Climate Action Plan Committee Meetings

The Climate Action Plan Committee (CAPC) is the advisory group comprised of Crested Butte area locals with expertise representing different sectors of the community. These meetings are open to the public. However, the public may only observe and are not permitted to comment or participate. All CAPC meetings will be recorded and available on this webpage following each CAPC meeting! If a member of the public attends a CAPC meeting and would like to comment, you may do so at any regularly scheduled Town Council meeting during the "Public Comment Period", or you may send an email at any time to sustainability@crestedbutte-co.gov! Click on the header of this section to access agendas and recordings!