Climate Action Plan

Taking action on climate in a bold and accountable way.

The Climate Action Plan is guided by the Town’s strategic goal to “act on urgency of climate change”. We are beginning to see the impacts of climate change, and the Town plans to do its part to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) while preparing for the changes we know are coming. This plan will evaluate where the Town is in meeting its greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals informed by a partnership with the Brendle Group, update the goals moving forward, and prioritize what additional actions are needed to ensure the Town meets those goals. We will commit to reducing our climate impacts, becoming more resilient, and setting an example that others can learn from.  

CAP Goal: Crested Butte will act on the urgency of climate change by setting the example of what is possible for mountain communities to take responsibility for our climate impacts and strategically drive down Crested Butte's GHG emissions. 

CAP Process: How will the CAP be developed?  

  • Plan development will follow the Community Compass decision-making framework to establish a goal, define success measures, develop alternatives, and make decisions using informed consent. The general timeline for the plan includes:

    • Phase 1 (January – March 2024): Defining the challenge and goal statement 
      • Brendle Group performed a 2022 GHG Emissions Inventory, and staff worked with the Climate Action Plan Committee (CAPC) to develop a challenge and goal statement for the plan.
    • CURRENT PHASE: Phase 2 (AprilJune 2024):Identify success measures, create alternatives
      • Staff is working with the CAPC to refine proposed success measures and develop potential climate action alternatives. Staff will also go to the community for feedback on the plan 
    • Phase 3 (JulySeptember 2024): Refine and filter climate action alternatives, Draft climate action plan
      • Staff will work with the CAPC, BOZAR, and Town Council to refine the proposed alternatives and filter them through the success measures. Brendle will then show what alternatives will have the biggest effect on GHG emissions reductions and community benefit. The plan will be published for public comment during this period.  
    • Phase 4 (OctoberDecember 2024): Make an informed decision: Complete Climate Action Plan and Council Adoption
      • Town Council, staff, and the CAPC will consider public comment on the CAP, make final edits, and adopt the plan.