The Administration Department and the Clerk's Department are responsible for overall Town management and operations. The Administration Department includes the Town Manager and the Clerk's Department includes the Town Clerk and Deputy Town Clerk. The Clerk's Department  provides administrative support for the Town Council and administers a number of Town services liquor licensing, municipal elections, municipal court, special events permits, the Crested Butte Cemetery and a variety of special projects.


 Town Manager

Dara MacDonald

970-349-5338 x 102

The Town Manager is responsible for the overall management and provision of public services to residents and visitors. Additionally, the manager prepares the information necessary for each meeting of the Town Council, and insures that the Council’s policy directives are carried out.  Dara meets with citizens to discuss Town issues or problems, presents and manages the annual Town Budget, facilitates capital improvement projects, and works with various local, state, and federal agencies on matters of mutual concern. In a small community such as Crested Butte, the manager is frequently a "jill of all trades" who may handle any number of initiatives or problems.

 Town Clerk

Lynelle Stanford

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The Town Clerk oversees all the activities of the Clerk's department. The Clerk provides support for the Town Council, administers liquor and marijuana licensing, manages Town records, and serves as the Town's election official.

 Deputy Town Clerk

Kellie Cheever

970-349-5338 x 123

The Deputy Town Clerk serves as the Municipal Court Clerk.  The Deputy Town Clerk also manages the special events application process, the cemetery, dog licensing, banner permits, and street performer permits.

 Deputy Town Clerk/Licensing Clerk

Eric Treadwell

970-349-5338 x 218

The Licensing Clerk serves as the business licensing official for all businesses operating in the Town of Crested Butte and the licensing official for short-term rentals.  The Licensing Clerk supports the Town Clerk with liquor licensing, marijuana dispensary licensing, and vending licensing, as well as working with the Deputy Clerk to cover reception and administrative responsibilities.