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Water, Sewer & Trash Billing


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The Town of Crested Butte bills in arrears for water, sewer and trash. We read water meters on or about the 22nd of each month and send out the billing by the 1st of the following month. Payment is due in 20 days and can be made by mail, in person at Town Hall, or by automatic payment through your bank. Water, sewer and trash are all on the same bill. Curbside recycling is included with the trash fee. Past due accounts are charged 3% monthly penalty and late fee.


The base rates are:   Water  $28.00 per EQR*
                               Sewer  $37.50 per EQR*
                               Trash   $21.19
                               Total: $86.69 


Availability of Service for vacant lots: $18.00

           Water - $9.00   Sewer - $9.00


The above rates are based on 1 EQR.


*An EQR (Equivalent Residential Usage) is the amount of water and sewer used by a standard residential unit of 1875 square feet. The water/sewer director calculates the number of EQR’s associated with a project.


For more information on EQR’s click here for Town Code Section 13-1-40.

For more information on Water & Sewer billing click here for Town Code Sections 13-1-190, 13-1-200 and 13-1-310. 

Water Shut-Off Fee:  $50.00

Reconnect Fee:         $25.00



Water Meter Prices

5/8 inch meter      $298
3/4 inch meter      $328

1 inch meter         $429

1 1/2 inch meter   $783


Water Meter Adaptor Prices

Small                   $10
Large                   $13 


Tap Fees for the Town of Crested Butte


Water        $8,100 per EQR

Sewer        $9,900 per EQR

Water conservation tip



Town of Crested Butte Water Rate Schedule 

In order to comply with State mandates and to reduce the waste of water, the Town of Crested Butte uses a metered billing system.


Here’s how it works: The chart is per EQR. For more than 1 EQR, multiply base rate, base allotment, and block size by EQR number.


Base Rate                              $28.00                 Base Allotment                  8000 gallons


Block #                               Add’l Gallons               Rate Per                     Gallons Used 1 EQR

                                           Over Base             1,000  Gallons

           1                                5,000                      $3.50                         8,001 to 13,000

           2                                5,000                      $3.75                         13,001 to 18,000

           3                                5,000                      $4.00                         18,001 to 23,000

           4                                5,000                      $4.25                         23,001 to 28,000

           5                                5,000                      $4.75                         28,001 to 33,000

           6                               All Add’l                    $5.50                            over 33,001



For example, if you use 12,000 gallons of water, it will cost you the $28.00 base rate for the first 8,000 gallons plus $3.50 for each additional 1,000 gallons.


Base Rate (8,000)   = $28.00

4 (1000) x $3.50     = $14.00

TOTAL                    = $42.00