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2014 Project of the Year

On Tuesday evening, January 20, 2015 the Board of Zoning and Architectural Review (BOZAR) held their annual Year End Review to consider the architectural projects completed in 2014. Members of the BOZAR and Town staff reviewed a presentation of projects in the following categories: New Residential, Accessory Buildings, Accessory Dwellings, Residential Remodels and New Commercial.  In conjunction with effective application of the design guidelines, the Board focused on the massing, site design, overall architecture and exterior materials in their consideration of all of the projects.  Following the review, the Board selected the most outstanding projects for 2014 and honored one project with the prestigious Project of the Year Award, followed by two honorable mentions. 

This, as with each year, is a community effort and the BOZAR and Building Department Staff wish to thank the property owners together with the Building and Design Community for another successful year of construction in Crested Butte. The architectural uniqueness of Town owes a great deal to your hard work. 

The winners and honorable mentions were, (please click the links below for more detailed information and photographs of each project):

120 Maroon Avenue (Desmarais/Prochaska Residence)

209 Whiterock Avenue (Krill Accessory)

402 Belleview Avenue (Alpine Lumber)

If you would like to see all of the projects that were reviewed by the Board, please have a look at the full presentation.