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Community Development Department

(Planning & Building)

The Town of Crested Butte Community Development Department includes the Planning Division and Building Division.  The Community Development Department seeks to preserve and enhance the historic and eclectic fabric of Crested Butte by responsibly and fairly administering the Land Use and Building Codes while striving to effectively address the issues of community character, economic vitality, safe and energy-efficient building, workforce housing, pedestrian/bicycle safety transportation, parking and the natural environment.

Planning Department:

The activities of the Crested Butte Planning Department include current planning, long range planning and special projects.  Information about affordable housing can also be obtained in the Planning Department office.  The Planning Department also has computer mapping (GIS) capabilities.

Current planning consists of scheduling, review, and evaluation of proposed subdivisions and annexations; and provides staff assistance for the Town Council. The primary role of the staff is to prepare the necessary background information and technical analysis needed by the Town Council in order to make informed decisions about land use and development.

Long range planning assists the community –in identifying its vision for the future and establishing goals for development while preserving and enhancing the special qualities of town and its environs. The Land Use Plan and Transportation Plan, each of which address relevant issues and provided the impetus for the adoption of Town policies needed to achieve those goals.

Special planning projects include affordable housing, mapping, grants and other projects conducted to achieve the goals of the community.  Some examples of special planning projects include:


Building Department:

 The Building Department is responsible for three primary functions:

      •  The Board of Zoning and Architectural Review (BOZAR)/design review process
      •  Compliance with the zoning article
      •  Issuance and administration of building permits

The Town of Crested Butte is now operating under the 2015 I codes per Ordinance No. 19, Series 2016.  It is overviewed in the Permit to Final Checklist document for more information.  

Here are some helpful links to information in our website:

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