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Weather Information

Weather Station -

The Town of Crested Butte operates the National Weather Service Cooperative Weather Station- Crested Butte at the Crested Butte Wastewater Treatment Plant, at an elevation of 8847 feet above sea level. Observations of temperature, precipitation, snowfall, and general weather conditions are taken and recorded at 9:00 am every day. This data is transmitted to the National Weather Service office in Grand Junction, CO. Weather records for this and other weather stations are available on their website. Colorado climate information is available at the Colorado Climate Center website.

Snowfall Chart- (<-click here)

Monthly snowfall totals of observations taken at the Crested Butte Weather Station have been compiled for the period from 1962 to the present date. This chart represents the time that the Crested Butte Ski Area has been open, and includes average, maximum, and minimum snowfall statistics by month, calendar year, Oct to date, and ski season (Nov - March).