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Animal Control

Dog Licenses
All dogs kept in the Town of Crested Butte must be licensed and registered if over three months of age. Exceptions are dogs whose owners are nonresidents temporarily within the Town or "seeing-eye" dogs properly trained to assist blind persons when such dogs are actually being used by blind persons for the purpose of aiding them in going from place to place. All dogs must have a collar to which the license tag must be affixed.

Dogs Running At Large
It shall be unlawful for the owner or any other person to permit any dog to run at large within the Town of Crested Butte and all dogs shall be confined to the immediate premises of the owner or other person caring for the dog.  No dog shall leave the premises of the owner or caretaker of the dog unless it is accompanied by the owner or some other person, and is restrained by a leash connecting the dog to the owner or other person.

Unattended Dogs Prohibited In Public Areas
It shall be unlawful to leave a dog on any street, alley or other public place unless attended by the owner or some other person, regardless of whether the dog is attached to a leash or a rope: provided, however, that it shall be lawful to leave an unattended dog in a motor vehicle so long as the dog does not leave the motor vehicle.

Dogs Excluded From Town Parks
It is unlawful to allow any dog to enter or be in any public park within the Town of Crested Butte, Colorado, whether at large or leashed with the exception of Totem Pole Park, Verzuh Rotary Park, parts of the 8th Street Greenway, Acadeny Park and Big Mine Park (summertime only).  In these areas dogs are allowed provided they are on a leash and dog owners must pick up after their dogs.  Print a map of dog friendly areas in Town.   

Liability of Owner 
The owner of any dog shall comply with the following conditions:

a.  Shall not allow dog to obstruct or interfere  with any pedestrian or motor vehicle upon any public way or the entrance to any building or upon any public area.

b.  Shall keep and maintain dog so that it does not create noise or other activity and does not injure or interfere with the rights of other persons.

c.  Shall commit no inhumane or cruel action against dog.

d.  Shall be liable and responsible for any damages caused by dog at all times that it is off of the owner's premises.

Cruelty To Animals
It it unlawful for any person to torture, cruelly beat, needlessly injure or kill, mistreat or neglect any animal, or cause or procure the same to be done or, having the charge and custody of any animal, to fail to provide it with proper food, drink or protection from the weather or to abandon it.

Print Out Dog Rules & Regulations