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Vacation Rental License Information

In 2017 the Town of Crested Butte passed Ordinance #12, Series 16 and Ordinance # 6, Series 2017 creating a ruleset for vacation rental licenses.  Resolution 57, Series 2017 set the fees to be charged for vacation rental licenses.  The fees are non-refundable.

An Unlimited Vacation Rental License and a Primary Residence Vacation Rental License are available.

The Unlimited Vacation Rental License is subject to a 30% cap of the free market residential units located in the permitted zones marked in green on the zoning map. This is a two year rolling license that requires two years of fees are paid in advance at $1500 the initial year and $750 each year thereafter to keep the license active.

The Primary Residence Vacation Rental License may be issued to vested title property owners who reside in their property.  The property owner is required to submit a primary resident affidavit. This license carries an annual fee of $200.

Ordinance # 6, Series 2017 defines primary residence as follows:

“Primary residence means a residence which is the usual place of return for housing as documented by the vested title property owner of record signing an affidavit to that affect and providing at least two of the following: motor vehicle registration, driver’s license, Colorado state identification card, voter registration, or tax documents.  A person can have only one primary residence.”

A vacation rental inspection and confirmation of onsite parking will be performed by the Vacation Rental Inspector upon payment of the license fee.  The inspection is intended to ensure the property being short term rented is safe for guests to inhabit.  Onsite parking per the property’s BOZAR approved site plan is required to be cleared and available to guests year round.

Wildlife resistant trash containers are required to protect the wildlife and keep the neighborhoods beautiful.

To better understand the changes made please read this Frequently Asked Questions .

To setup a new vacation rental license account or to check on an existing vacation rental license account visit https://crestedbutte.munirevs.com.

If you have additional questions or to voice concerns about vacation rentals in your neighborhood, please contact Eric Treadwell at (970)-349-5338 or etreadwell@crestedbutte-co.gov .