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2018 BOZAR Schedule and Process

  1. Plan submittal for a formal review is generally on the first or last Friday of the Month.  Submittal dates are referenced in the table below and also on the BOZAR Calendar, which can be obtained in the Building Department or by calling Town Hall at 349-5338.  *For Informal and Insubstantial reviews – Contact the Building Department at 349-5338 to determine availability within a given month.  If availability exists, then plans must be submitted to the building Department no later than the Monday before the upcoming DRC meeting. 
  2. Staff Reviews occur during the following week (Plan review, Floor Area Ratio (FAR) calculations, Fact Sheet and Design Guideline Review).    
  3. 1st DRC meeting is generally held on the second Monday of the month (except for holidays) and all projects reviewed, including insubstantial requests and informal reviews, generally start at 3:00 p.m.  During the busy building season, DRC meetings may extend to Tuesday.   
  4. Publications of formal applications are submitted to the Crested Butte News (official newspaper) on the Tuesday following the 1st DRC meeting (if on a Monday), unless a significant conflict is identified during the plan review or at the DRC meeting.  Applications for building, zoning or land use changes must be published for two consecutive weeks. 
  5. 2nd DRC meeting is generally held on the third Monday of the month, reviewing issues from the first meeting, insubstantial or informal reviews.  This meeting generally starts at 3:00 p.m.  During the busy building season, DRC meetings may extend to Tuesday.    
  6. BOZAR hearings are generally held on the last Tuesday of the month starting at 6:00 p.m.

See the table below for Submittal, BOZAR and DRC meeting dates.


BOZAR Submittal Schedule
BOZAR Meeting Schedule
DRC Meeting Schedule
January 5 (for Jan.)January 30January 16 (Tuesday), 22 
February 2 (for Feb.)February 27February 12, 20 (Tuesday)
March 2 (for March)March 27March 12, 19
March 30 (for April)April 24April 9, 16
May 4 (for May)May 29May 14, 21
June 1 (for June)June 26June 11, 18
July 6 (for July)July 31July 16, 23
August 3 (for Aug.)August 28August 13, 20
August 31 (for Sept.)September 25September 10, 17
October 5 (for Oct.)October 30October 15 , 23
October 26 (for Nov.)November 27November 5, 12
November 16 (for Dec.)December 18December 3, 10